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Getting Started with the Piano

Step One: you guessed it, get a piano.  Well, this is only partly true.  If you are hesitant to make the financial investment into a high quality acoustic piano, then just find yourself a keyboard piano instead.  Sure, in a perfect world everyone would learn how to play piano on a quality acoustic instrument, with its hammer action, but they are an investment that not everyone wants to make right away.  And that is just fine in my opinion.

Acoustic pianos create their own sound and keyboard pianos need a power source i.e. you plug them into a standard wall outlet.  Like anything in life there are a ton of options, features, price ranges, styles etc. to choose from.  Here is my advice: keep it simple and start with what you are comfortable spending–music should be FUN and not involve buyer’s remorse.

If this Yamaha keyboard is more in your budget, then great! Pick it up, grab some affordable headphones so you can practice into the wee hours of the morning and have fun–you can always resell it if you lose interest in the piano and don’t have to pay a piano mover get it out of the house for you–easy!

If your budget is a bit more restrictive then get creative.  Do you know a neighbor with a piano?  Maybe they need help with yard work in exchange for practice time.  What about a local church or senior’s center?

99% of the time there is a way to get what you want in this life if you are willing to compromise and offer something in exchange–in my opinion the piano and music in general is something worth sacrificing for.  Now, you just have to close this browser and get to work!

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