Find your rhythm

Online Drum Lessons

They were born to express themselves. From reading music to learning rudiments and everything in between—our one-on-one, online drum lessons will help your beginner drummer find their groove in no time.

Drum Lessons

From Bon Jovi to The Beatles and The Jonas Brothers to The Black Crowes—our lessons are tailored to fit your beginner drummer’s musical goals and inspire their love for music.

Online Drum Lessons

All you need to get started with online drum lessons is a basic drum set, a computer and wifi. With a unique setup, my lessons will keep your beginner engaged and on the beat.

In-Person Drum Lessons

For those students in the Maryland area, I offer in-person drum lessons just 25 minutes outside of Frederick, MD—in Thurmont.

What do we cover in Drum Lessons?

The core of my teaching approach is built around learning to play along to songs, plain and simple. To help us achieve that goal we will…

  1. Learn how to hold the sticks properly (without tension).
  2. Read different levels of sheet music.
  3. Play by ear without sheet music.
  4. Focus on technical exercises that have practical applications to playing real songs.
Throughout the week students are encouraged to check in with me as they see fit–if they have questions about a certain lesson, or would like me to post a quick lesson video specifically for them to one of my social media accounts

Why Work with a Qualified Instructor?

Playing the drums can provide amazing benefits for your children. The drums can...
Having an in-person or online drum instructor will…

Don’t skip a beat

Get to know me and my teaching style—and have any questions answered—in a free, mini session and consultation for you and your beginner drummer.


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m John— a musician, teacher, author, and band leader. After graduating from the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University in 2003, I served in the U.S. Air Force as a musician—playing in several groups including; big band, rock band, jazz combos, concert band and more. Believing the most teachable lessons are born out of continued experience and musicianship, I frequently perform across the Baltimore/DC area and throughout Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

My specialty lies in teaching beginner students, aged 8-16—catering lessons to their musical goals and interests. Preferring a holistic teaching approach, I focus on injury-free technique, active listening, and experience in a variety of musical styles. I frequently remind my students that it’s called playing the drums—not working them.

Drumming should be fun!

What's holding you back?

We know that you might have some hold ups because the drums seem like loud expensive musical instruments, but let us clear up some misconceptions.

Problem: "Drums are expensive."
Problem: "We aren't tech savvy."
Problem: "Drums are loud."
Problem: "My family isn't musical".

Face the Music

I’ve been fortunate to watch over 100 students fall in love with the drums over the last 6 years. Hear directly from them, including some of the questions they had along their musical journey.


First, we’ll make sure you have the right internet speed for virtual lessons. There’s nothing worse than a freeze-frame right in the middle of a groove. I’ll ask you to position your computer so I can see the top of the student’s head and down to their hands. Meanwhile, I’ll provide multiple camera views to my set—allowing your beginner drummer to see me as I’m explaining a technique while also watching a close-up of my drumset so that he or she never skips a beat.

A beginner drum set shouldn’t break the bank. You can often find a used drum set on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. A basic drum set—including a bass drum, snare drum and hi-hat—should cost between $200-$300.

They’re meant to be loud! But a passionate, new drummer can be especially loud. Absolutely. There are products you can purchase to soften how far your student’s jam session carries. Below are just a few of the products I recommend to parents:


Free Mini Session & Consultation

Whether your beginner is energetic and active or reserved and thoughtful, the drums offer everyone who plays them the power of expression. To find out if online drum lessons are right for your student, register below for a free, 30-minute mini session and consult. I’ll answer any questions you may have and get in a short jam session with your drummer.