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Drum Books For Our Lessons

In 2018 I started work on an intro to drum set lesson book that was inspired by the Pareto Principle, the idea being that 80% of the gigs I have played only tapped into about 20% of the knowledge/skills that exist in the world of drumming. So, I figured why not focus on that 20% of knowledge in my lessons? Made sense to me, and it still makes sense based on the results my students are getting.
Later, I added a collection of 50 beginner to intermediate snare drum lessons. The idea behind this book is that once the student learns how to read the various rhythms, the lesson will only take them about 10 minutes to accomplish if they follow all the tempo markings.
Give them a look, I’d love to hear what you think about them.
Find the drum set book on Amazon here, and the snare drum book here.

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