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Backing Tracks: Making Music During Covid-19

For obvious reasons people are reluctant to get together and play music indoors. It’s a drag. No other way to say it. However, you still have options to progress as a musician.
My approach to teaching involves a lot of listening and playing along to recordings. This is a great way to become familiar with famous drum grooves and learn from the great players of the past several decades. And, you can do this at home with a set of headphones and an internet connection (or a CD player–what’s that?).
But, you can also have a lot of fun playing along to backing tracks–specifically “drumless backing tracks”. Check out these links to Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube–they will take you directly to some fun and funky backing tracks where YOU get to create to drum part. Some tracks have the metronome, or “click”, play the entire track, and some lead in with the click and then drop out after a brief time. Explore and find tracks that you enjoy playing to. Have fun. Learning an instrument takes time and effort, but remember, we call it “playing the drums” for a reason.

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