202 Westview Dr Thurmont, MD 21788



Piano Lessons and Drum Lessons in Frederick County, MD

Convenient to Frederick & Gettysburg

Two FREE half hour lessons for new students between 9am and 3pm, Monday - Friday while openings last.

Piano lessons & drum lessons: ages five and up.  We play on an upright piano, acoustic drum set, and various hand drums--piano students too, rhythm is so important!  

I often play the bass or keyboard along with students to give them the experience of playing in a band.  We also learn a lot by playing along to recordings and not strictly out of method books.  Practical application is key.

Be sure to watch a few videos on this page, and follow the social media links to see what lessons are like.  

Lessons are available in Thurmont, MD.

Beginner Piano Lesson

Piano is the perfect instrument for anyone to learn and one-on-one piano lessons are a great way to learn it!  Harmony, melody, rhythm--it does it all!  I get students started with a good foundation through learning technique and scales, but we then dive right into learning songs ASAP, like this video of a young player learning "Duke of Earl".

Piano Lesson for an Adult Student

I really enjoy sharing music with people of all ages.  Here is a short video I made for one of my retired adult students who started piano lessons with me in 2019.  He was learning about chord inversions through the Beatles song "Let It Be".


Dusting off a classical music piece by Brahms at the house here in Thurmont.

more practice time

Love this song!  A bit of "Spain" by the legendary Chick Corea, a giant in the music world.