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Music Can Help Meet Fitness Goals

The holiday season, with all its perks and temptations, is just around the corner.  Family, friends, time off from work and school–all served with a side of cookies, cakes, and pies.

Instead of waiting for new year’s resolutions, here are a few tips for how music can help you make healthy food choices, and even find more motivation in the gym year-round to meet your fitness goals.

Make a Playlist

One group of researchers from Fairleigh Dickinson University found that people who listened to music while walking for exercise experienced more weight loss than the control group that did not listen to music. Music helped the study participants stick to the work out plan better than those that didn’t have music.  Whether you’re a closet Neil Diamond fan (no shame–I am too), or can’t get enough of Devo or Cardi B, whatever your thing is, put it on a playlist and create your own world to exercise in.

Now Make an Upbeat Playlist

Whatever style of music you like will work here.  Just find something that has a driving beat to it for your walking or running workouts.

2009 study from Brunel University in London found that people who listened to upbeat music while walking on a treadmill went farther than those that didn’t– i.e. the music listeners burned more calories.

Music helps to narrow our focus and brings our attention to the song’s rhythm and beat, and away from how much we want to stop exercising.

Turn it Down for Meals

A team from the University of South Florida found that restaurant goers and grocery store customers who listened to music played at lower volumes chose healthier foods than people who heard either no music, or music played at a loud volume.

Sure, you can’t control the volume of music everywhere you shop and eat, but, you can be aware of it—it is a part of something called “atmospheric marketing”. It’s a thing. Read about it here.

Interestingly enough, the study found that it didn’t really matter what style of music was played, just as long as it was at a lower volume.  So, if Devo is your favorite band afterall, remember to play “Whip It” quietly when looking through the pantry for a snack, and turn it up for your cardio workout.

Parting Shots

Speaking of walking and running to music, if you’re in the Frederick, Maryland area check out this link to upcoming running events in 2020.

And if you prefer to workout indoors why not give the downtown YMCA a shot?  You can get on a treadmill during our icy Maryland winter months and get ready for those outdoor runs.  Membership fees for adults cost much less than the average cable bill.

And if you live North of Frederick check out Anytime Fitness right off Route 15 in Thurmont.  They really are open 24/7, it’s not just a clever name.

Music is powerful stuff.  It is magic really–you just have to put it to use for you.  Use it to help make a happier and healthier you, mind and body.

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