Music Lessons in Thurmont

Lessons in Thurmont • Convenient to Frederick & Gettysburg

Piano lessons & drum lessons: all ages are welcome.  We play on acoustic instruments during lessons; an upright piano, drum set (not electric), and various hand drums.  Lessons are available in Thurmont, MD.

Piano Lessons

Piano is the perfect instrument for anyone to learn and one-on-one piano lessons are a great way to learn it!  Harmony, melody, rhythm--it does it all!  I get students started with a good foundation through learning technique and scales, but we then dive right into learning songs ASAP, like this video of a young player learning "Duke of Earl".

Lesson for one of my adult students

I really enjoy working  work with people of all ages.  Here is a quick video I made for one of my retired adult students--he was learning about chord inversions through the Beatles song "Let It Be".


Dusting off a classical music piece by Brahms.

more practice time

Love this song!  A bit of "Spain" by the legendary Chick Corea.

Drum Lessons

My first instrument. Pure fun-enough said! Drum lessons in Thurmont, MD. Check out a method book I published to Amazon here.  It combines technique, rudiments, and reading with a healthy dose of real-world practical application through play-along lessons.

first drum lesson--the money beat

Drummers call the rhythmic pattern they play to a song the "beat" or "groove".  Here is the first one I teach new students.

Beatles Drum lesson

I often make videos for my students to help remind them of what we learned in our lesson. Here is "In My Life" by the Beatles for a very talented young lady that loves drumming.