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Create Your Halloween Playlist

When our kids were very young we would take them to trick-or-treat early and then get them home for their toddler bedtimes. However, our night was far from over.
At the time, I was in the U.S. Air Force and we lived on a military base where children seemed to spontaneously generate. (There has to be something in the water–in the military people are either at work, deployed, or having babies!)
My wife and I enjoyed sitting in front of our townhouse with our two sleeping upstairs, handing out candy to the older kids and talking with our neighbors. I was a military musician after all, so every Halloween I made a spooky playlist to play for all the trick-or-treaters that stopped by.
Here are a few suggestions for you this Thursday. Be sure to give each song a listen before adding it to your playlist—some examples here are from the classical music side of the house, some are light rock, and some a bit edgier. Find what works for you and have fun!
And there you have it! An eclectic Halloween music playlist in the making. Happy Halloween and be safe!

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